Dedicated to my sister, whose love compelled me to the depths of Ayurveda.

And to my mother, whose light guided me along the path.

Dr Anam
Founder & CEO
MBA, Indian School of Business



The word 'Aurum' is latin for gold. Gold is a precious metal. Not just because it is rare, but also because it stands for the something precious. It is the most potent of minerals, while being inert.

The word 'veda' is sanskrit for knowlege. For us, it represents Ayurveda. A field, that's not just captured in the textbooks of the old, but is a continuously evolving research in today's modern world.

Aurumveda is how Ayurveda is meant to be seen.

Founder's Note

Aurumveda is a brand built out of true love for my family and labour of passion towards Ayurveda.

Through this endeavour, we would like to share this love with you.

Our Brand Manifesto

Most people have come to believe that the final goal is all that matters. Some have come to realize that greatness is a byproduct of passion and hard work. Few truly know that it takes much more: faith, consistency, sacrifice. And an unwavering belief in doing it right, whatever ‘it’ may be.

It is not about conforming to a crowd. It is about finding solace in ourselves that we have given our best. It is about the joy that comes from realizing that we did it just as it should be done. Because when others notice our joy, they aspire to live like us.

Aurumveda is inspired by and created for people who believe in doing it right. We carry this belief in our hearts and in every aspect of our work, so that we can better everyone’s lives.

Aurumveda: A Life We Can All Have.

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